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  • Sofia Gubaidulina visits NordAccordion!GeirSofia 516

    Sofia Gubaidulina will be visiting Voss and Nordaccordion on May 29th, attending an exclusive portrait concert of her music for classical accordion, as a “teaser” to the upcoming festival. Today, Sofia Gubaidulina is considered to be the most important composer of our time, and she has been inspired by the wonderful sounds and expressions of the accordion for many years.

    The last decades she has had an inspiring cooperation with Geir Draugsvoll, and prior to the concert he will present his Artistic Research Project; “Collaborative Spaces”, which is about this close collaboration with Sofia Gubaidulina. Other participants at the concert will be Ida Løvli Hidle (accordion), Øyvind Gimse (cello) and Geir Inge Lotsberg (violin). The concert starts at 19:00, and the pre concert presentation will start at 17:00.

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  • Glorvigen Trio 23/7 at 8 pm, Osasalen at Ole Bull Akademiet

    Glorvigen trio 2

    We will listen passionate Argentinian music at NordAccordion’s second day with Per Arne Glorvigen Trio. Their fantastic tango project «El Arte de la Fuga y del Tango» is a joyful blend of Bach and Piazzolla.

    No music genres seems to be more far from each other than the passionate Argentinian tango and the strictly composed fugues from Bach’s latest works. But they have some things in common: the Bandoneon was originally made as an transportable church organ in its country of origin, Germany, before it was transported to Argentina and ended up in Argentinian bars and brothels around the year 1900. Bandoneonists in Buenos Aires usually start the day with Bach and Mate (Argentinian tea), before the play tango until five in the morning.

    Polyphony is something that has characterised the tango even more than other more popular music genres because almost all tango composers have their background from classical music. With the project “El Arte de la Fuga y del Tango” Glorvigen Trio wish to accentuate the genres by repeal their limits.

    Musicians: Per Arne Glorvigen, bandoneon, Daniela Braun, violin and Arnulf Ballhord, double bass.

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  • Irene Tillung and Ti på Taket, 24/07 at 8pm Kulturhuset
    HCD7322 IMG 3522 7

    The folk music tradition holds a vital place in Irene Tillung’s home municipality of Voss, but she did not get seriously involved with folk music until she had completed her classical studies and met folksinger Åshild Vetrhus and fiddler Jorunn Marie Kvernberg at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Together they established the trio Tindra, which toured in Norway and abroad and released four albums between 2006 and 2011.

    Irene Tillung (accordion) has waited a long time to release her own album, but now that it’s finally here it bears witness to a composer and musician who has invested substantial energy and devoted herself wholeheartedly to the project. Tillung has written all of the gripping new compositions on the record, and has gathered a dream team of ten other musicians, from bands such as Valkyrien, In the Country, Oslo Strings and Sver, to join her at the legendary Rainbow Studio. It’s not difficult to hear that the album is the result of a process marked by enthusiasm, energy and joy. The music is relaxed and gives the hand-picked musicians space to let their creativity loose. Hildersyn is an original, lively and dynamic release. We cant wait to hear Irene Tillung and Ti på Taket perform Hildresyn at NordAccordion.

    Musicians: Irene Tillung - accordion, Erik Sollid - Hardanger fiddle, Anders Hall - oktavtele/viola, Ragnhild Lien - violin, Isa Caroline Holmesland - violin, Lise Voldsdal - viola/violin, Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen - cello, Ellen Brekken - double bass, Pål Hausken - percussion, Mathias Eick - trumpet


  • Julie & Andreas 25/7 at 9pm, Osasalen at Ole Bull Akademiet

    Julie Andreas1ikon

    «It’s extraordinarily exquisite in its combinations and dash of audacity.” Classically trained virtuosos, this brother and sister have always wanted to play music together. Julie plays the harp, BUT Andreas plays the bandoneon.

    Harp with bandoneon?!

    They did it anyway! ...and the result is truly...breathtaking. Through this uncommon mix of instruments, combining the gritty heritage of the bandoneon with the majesty and elegance of the harp, a profound musical tension is created. This unique energy sparks and illuminates them as uncommonly beautiful in their innovative musical drift between folk, tango and classical styles.
    Theirs is a truly rare and enchanting experience.

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  • Closing Concert

    27/7 at 7pm, Osasalen at Ole Bull Akademiet

    In this concert we want to present the students of the summer academy. Come and listen these young talents and the repertoar they have been working on during the seminar week. We can promise a high level concert with a varied program.

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Open workshops

  • Andreas and Julie
  • Irene Tillung
  • Anders Grøthe

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